It’s time trial time... Wednesday 4th September - don’t forget your safety pins and Foodbank item!
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Cross Country is over for the 2018-19 season but do not fear it will return this autumn.

Watch this space...

Match 5 - Kenworthy Woods (Again) 9th Feb


Ladies and Gents, the final race of the league is almost here - Kenworthy Woods. If you can remember the red hot autumn which seems ages ago, well it's the same race - but colder, but possibly still dry(ish)!


The scores on the doors are not important, but what is important is the how many we can get out racing, it would be great if we got a full turnout, or at least some more men, I am not sure what is happening but the men seem to be scared of mud this year - lets show those women what we are made of!


The instructions for last time were a bit crazy, but I think the best option is to go for M23 0DU and follow the road. Be aware though that the car parking can be a bit manic especially if you are getting there just before your race.


Race map, driving directions and team positions are available HERE

Race times are as before

Women - 13:30

Men - 14:30


Hope to see you all there, don't forget there will be cake!

Also details on the XC Celebration Curry will be announced very soon!

Match 4 - Heaton Park 9th January 2019


It's the penultimate XC race of the season. This time it is at Heaton Park, one of my favorites. If you have not done it before, make sure you go as it is a real treat, it's got everything, downhills, flats, fields, woods, oh there may be a couple of uphills - but we won't talk about that! The forecast is showing rain in the morning so it could be another dry one!


So far the women have been turning out in force, it would be great this time for the men do the same. Also don't forget if you don't come to any races the club will be fined - so please do come and join in the fun and there will be cake!


The link below takes you to the course map along with parking information and the current league points and news - Match 4 - Heaton Park


Also don't forget that if you want to take part in the National XC Championships (Feb 23rd in Leeds) I need to know by the end of tomorrow night - its only £8


Hope to see you all on Saturday


Match 3 - Woodbank Park 1st December 2018

Looking at this week's forecast, I would be mad to promise another dry XC on Saturday, but I am staying hopeful. One thing to be sure of is it will be very fast (at least on the down hill sections!) and of course great fun!


On the last two matches our Women team is showing it is not afraid of XC, where as the men - for some reason most of them seem to prefer racing for points in expensive flat tarmac events. Lets show the women how it is done and come out in force, also don't use the Presentation Night as an excuse, some of the best runners party the night before!


Course map, event notes and current standings can be found here


Don't forget your number, if you do, you need £1 to get a new one. See you all in a muddy field very soon!

Match 2 - Kenworthy Woods 10th November 2018


Wow, that last race was far too hot and as promised it was flat, fast and dry.

The next match is at Kenworthy Woods and once again is pretty flat with only a couple of "lumps". As it has been pretty dry for the last few weeks, it should be another fast race with not too much mud (fingers crossed!).


The race times are the same - Women start at 1:30pm and Men start at 2:30


Below is a link to parking information, Course Map, team scores for the last match.


Kenworthy Woods Info Pack


Also The League has given us the following advice for driving there...

We understand that “Sat Navigation ” offers a variety of routes. The key part is to prepare your route prior to leaving. M23 0BD. Google maps offers the best route.

From the M60, leave at junction 5 and join the A5103 (Princess Parkway) southbound (signs to Wythenshawe). Immediately leave the A5103 to join the B5167. On leaving turn right (this will take you under the A5103) onto the B5167 (Wythenshawe Road).

To get to the sports ground from Wythenshawe Road (B5167) turn left/right coming from the west/east (if you have just left the A5103 it’s a right turn) onto Sale Road (B5166). Take a right off Sale Road onto Yewtree Lane and then left onto Willenhall Road. Continue along Willenhall Road under the motorway. Negotiate a sharp left turn after the motorway underpass and continue along the road to reach the parking area and pavilion.


Match 1 - 13-10-18 Wythenshawe

The anticipation is nearly over, it's that amazing time of year again, where we are all in a quiet hush, wondering if it will be wet, how deep will the mud be, will the ground still be frozen, do I need a snorkel! well looking at the forecast it is looking pretty summery, I would bring both Road and Trail shoes and make a decision on the day. If you are thinking of running in spikes, then I doubt you will need anything long! Also bring some warm clothes for afterwards so you don't feel frozen when eating cakes!

The course details for the first XC Match of the season are below. Race times are 1:30 for women and 2:30 for men. Parking is not normally too bad, but I would recommend getting there at least 30 mins before your race to get your race number, have a chat, cheer on the team and get warmed up. See you Saturday! 

It’s that time of year again when we stop moaning about how it’s too hot to race and we start thinking about having a great time playing in the mud. Yes,Cross Country season is quickly approaching!

If you are new to the club or haven’t joined us before on XC races, then all you need to know is that if you can get round Marple parkrun in the winter then you can do XC. We keep to our club’s ethos of it’s not how fast we go but how much fun we can have and there are always nibbles and cake for post-race nutrition. Not forgetting the all-important invite for all XC participants to the post-season do. There only rules are that you need to be a fully paid up member, England Athletics Affiliated, your first claim must beMarple and you are prepared to have a great laugh.

Despite a call for a less sexist approach, the Manchester league is keeping the same distances as last season which are approximately 8km (about 5 miles) for women and 10km (about 6 miles) for men. The start times for the adults are 1:30 for women and 2:30 for men. If we have any juniors taking part, the start times and distances are based on their ages. The courses are held in different parks around Greater Manchester, which means we get to experience different types of mud!

To enter the league it will cost you £6 for all 5 races, that’s only £1.20 per race (even cheaper than Fell Races!) If you want to race, please let me know and either give me £6 when you see me next or put it on the sign-in sheet on a club night – but please say that it is for the XC.

The first race is at Wythenshawe Park on Saturday 13th October, which is flat, fast and after this summer’s drought should be very dry! All the other dates are listed below. You don’t have to be able to complete every race, but you do have to sign up for the full season. It would be great to see if we can get even more Menacers there this year!

So a final word of encouragement to join up - it is only £6 for all 5 races and you get to eat cake afterwards!
See you at the start line mud lovers!
Jeremy Woodham

Saturday 13th October: Wythenshawe Park
Saturday 10th November: Univ Playing Fields/Kenworthy Woods
Saturday 1st December: Woodbank Park
Saturday 12th January: Heaton Park
Saturday 9th February: Univ Playing Fields/Kenworthy Woods (So good it is in there twice!)