Our current sessions are on :

Monday and Wednesday

18:45 for a 19:00 start at The Railway (nr. Rose Hill Station)

There is usually a 5k ish and a 10k ish option which are managed by a tail runner but which also usually have a couple of pacers at different speeds.

Sessions cost £1 for members and £2 for visitors and fees should be paid by Bank Transfer to

Sort Code: 30 13 32

Account Number: 15 34 72 68

As this is a new system the Management Group would prefer that subs are paid per run, with your name as the reference e.g. "L TAYLOR" so the account can be monitored against the attendance at runs.

New runners, both Members and Visitors are welcome and we hold a special welcome session for you by the Railway Pub. Look out for the ‘NEW RUNNER’ sign to take the opportunity to hear about how we operate and meet other new runners. You will then be introduced to the Tail Runner for your run, and will have the opportunity to buddy up with other people of a similar pace. When you know you are planning to attend your first run please let us know at and we will keep an eye out for you.

We also hold coached Interval and Hill sessions for Club Members. These must be booked via Run Together.

In addition, we operate additional sessions most weeks for our developing runners, either those returning from injury or transitioning up to 5k, building confidence and distance.

Runners are responsible for, and requested to:

  • arrive at 18:45 so that the session can start on time

  • listen carefully to the welcome brief or run brief to ensure they are aware of the route they are going on before setting off

  • be of appropriate health and fitness to run

  • ensure they are fully warmed up before running and that they cool down and stretch at the end of their run

  • wear appropriate clothing for the time of year and conditions, including hi-visibility clothing and lights during darker months. Some runs will require a head torch

  • run with someone of a similar pace and if unsure of the route to double back to another runner or the tail runner.

The Railway support Marple Runners and many of our members will stay for a chat and a drink after training.

For more details of any sessions on our timetable, please contact our coaches

If you’re already a runner and have heard of ‘speed work’ or ‘interval’ sessions or wondered what ‘fartlek’ is and what is involved – come along and try something different. If you would like to get faster at running, if you have a goal to complete a 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon in a certain time, or would just like to feel stronger and fitter why not give one of these sessions a go?

We will be working with a group of runners in Marple who want to improve their times for marathons, half marathons, 10ks, and also Marple parkrun which is every Saturday morning.

Our “Everyone Welcome” runs are usually held on the last club night of each month are aimed at new runners, not-so-regular runners, and those returning to running after a break. These will be suitable for all, and will include a warm-up, a walk/run loop and stretches at the end. The session will last for approx. 45 minutes.

We also run our own C25K (couch to 5km) group pub to parkrun – to assist people who would like some support and guidance about how to improve their fitness levels.

Working out in the fresh air and braving the elements is invigorating, all our runners comment on how energised they feel after training in this way. You work harder because there is a small element of competitiveness which also makes it great fun.

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