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What is Pub2parkrun?

This is Marple Runners version of C25K. The difference is we support you over 2 sessions a week (aside from Bank Holidays) and then we all finish in style at Marple parkrun, celebrating your achievement and reaching your goal.

Unlike C25K which completes at 30minutes running - Here at Marple Runners we understand that this is generally not the case - certainly not for many of our p2p'ers and there is no pressure to achieve a 30min 5K. (Phew we hear you say!)

Who is it for?

This course is for adults and is ideal for a complete novice who has never run before, to a runner who maybe hasn't run for a long time and needs some structure and company to get back to running. Don't worry if you feel unfit, too old, too tired etc - we are here to support you.

How does it work?

We run on Mondays and Wednesdays (except Bank Holidays) and will be meeting at 6:30pm. We will always do a warm up before the main session and a cool down afterwards to avoid injury. There is a home work run - you should be running 3 times a week ideally. Many of our participants choose to get together over a weekend to do the homework run - we provide a private facebook page where you can discuss and help each other. This is where we will post lots of information too.

We have a group of club coaches and run leaders who attend each club session and will be there to guide you through the programme. We often also have ex-pub2parkrunners who come and join in with some sessions too and can give you first hand experience and proof that it works and you CAN do it - no matter what you might think beforehand! (We've all been there!)

When is the next course?

The next course is due to start on 27th February 2023 over 10 weeks supported sessions, with the graduation parkrun planned for 13th May 2023.

How much is the programme?

The programme costs just £30.00 to be supported over the 10 weeks.

You will also automatically be entitled to discounted membership fees for the first year of joining Marple Runners.

How do I book?

To book a place you need to complete our online booking form and medical form - Places are limited to 24.

Here is the online booking form - Click here

Note: this will not be active until 20th January 2023 and will close once we reach confirmed capacity.

Also keep an eye on our Facebook page as well as local social media pages for details of booking and availability.

We look forward already to getting started

The P2P team

Pub 2 Parkrun

Our 10week pub2parkrun programme finished today with 16 participants completing their parkrun graduation at Marple parkrun today.

Dennis and Minnie made an appearance as well - doing a little minxing along the way. It was a gorgeous day for it!!

I would just like to take this opportunity on the club page to thank a few people specifically, as it takes some organising to pull all this together in both, admin and organising, as well as in time.

So to our p2p leaders and coaches …

Gina Rosenbrock Clare Smith Miranda Galloway Lea Carruthers Anna Ashton

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! -Rich Furniss, Andy H, Darren Peatfield and Elise Evans also supported us and the runners in sessions too.

We’ve also had some incredible ongoing support from many ex-pub2parkrunners and members. Debbie Clough in particular has religiously attended the majority of the 19 sessions! With Debbie Edwards, Shirley Langshaw, Jill Hallas Cath Broomfield, Stuart, Clare Blythe, Lyndsay Broomhead, Mark Epton, Michael Scott, Maria Moya and Heather Tsopanou supporting lots of our runners and sharing their experiences too. It means a lot to me and the coaches as well as the p2p’ers.

Teamwork, social running and friendship

Everything our club is about!

Jules x

What the participants of Pub2parkrun had to say..

'Thank you everyone, I really enjoyed today, I wouldn.t have plucked up the courage without you xx'

'Without the Marple Runners volunteers and the support from all the graduates I would never have got this far. Thanks everyone.'

'Well done everyone and a massive thank you to the brilliant volunteers.'

'Well done everyone and thank you to Marple Runners team X Really couldn't have got this far without your support.'

'We are runners!'