Cross Country Season 19-20

XC Starts again on October the 12th. The races and start times are as below. £6 gets you all 5 races (or as many ans you want to. Don't worry about being fast, we are all about having a laugh and eating cake!

Race Dates:

  • Match One: Saturday 12th October 2019: Wythenshawe Park, Wythenshawe

  • Match Two: Saturday 9th November 2019: Kenworthy Woods/Mcr University

  • Match Three: SUNDAY 8th December 2019: Arrowe Park, Birkenhead

  • Match Four: Saturday 11th January 2020: Tatton Park, Knutsford

  • Match Five: Saturday 8th February 2020: Heaton Park

Race times:

  • 12 noon U11 GIRLS & U11 BOYS* - 2,400 metres [*U11’s do not compete in Match One]

  • 12:15 pm U13 GIRLS & U13 BOYS - 3,500 metres max=3,500

  • 12.30 pm U15 GIRLS & U15 BOYS – 5,000 metres max=5,000

  • 12:50 pm U17 GIRLS & U17 BOYS – 6,500 metres max=6,500

  • 1:30 pm SENIOR, U20 & VET LADIES – 8,000 metres max=10,000

  • 2:30 pm SENIOR, U20 & VET MEN - 9,600 metres max=10,000

Match 5 - Heaton Park 08-02-20

The last Manchester XC race of the season is finally upon us at Heaton Park. All the details including our current standings for the last race and the season so far can be found on by clicking HERE. Don't forget some change for the car park.

Timings and approximate distance are:

  • 12:00 U11's 2830m

  • 12:15 U13's 3280m

  • 12:30 U15's 4970m

  • 12:50 U17's 6110m

  • 13:30 Women 8490m

  • 14:30 Men 9840m

Match 4 Tatton Park 11-01-20

Happy New Year and to start the year off with a bang, we have a new location - Tatton Park!

With this being a new course I have no prior knowledge of the route. There may be hills or mud, or it may be mountainous and waist deep in mud, however I can almost guarantee that it will be a great laugh!

All the usual map, parking driving directions, team results and overall team results can be found HERE

Please do take note of the parking information to avoid paying the full price of parking

Also the timings are the same as usual:

  • 12:00 U11's 2500m

  • 12:15 U13's 3400m

  • 12:30 U15's 4350m

  • 12:50 U17's 5700m

  • 13:30 Women 8400m

  • 14:30 Men 9650m

Match 3 Arrowe Park 8th December 2019

Details for Match 3 can be found here. In the file you will find the race map with start times, parking information and team results from last months match and team positions so far.

If you are on Andy's Fun Bus, then we are leaving the Railway at 10:30am, if you are making your own way there, please familiarise yourself with the area.

Match 2 - Kenworthy Woods 9th November 2019

Details for Match 2 can be found here. In the file you will find the race map with start times, parking information and team results from last months match.

Once again it the weather on the day is looking pretty good, however the ground could be waterlogged, but hopefully not as bad Wythenshawe!

Match 1 - Wythenshawe Park 12th October 2019

Click here for the details of the first match of the season.

With the recent heavy rain, we are going to have a great time in the mud, however as the instructions say, please arrive early as parking will be a little manic.