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London Marathon

I know there was a few races about today, but the one on telly was quite good. Quick round up of Marple Runners:
Neil Thompson 3:23:12 
Alison Duckworth 4:00:22 
Alice Taylor 4:08:26
Simon Bielecki 4:09:08
Mat Stephenson 4:10:19
Sarah Stutchfield 4:19:35 each has their own story. But an amazing performance by all.
Also a few of our local friends to mention:
Stephen Jones 2:55:57
Jayne Lawton 3:09:57
Kevan Garner 3:15:38
Tony Park 3:31:34
Angela McCarthy 3:48:06
Nicola Lloyd 3:51:47

Feel free to add or correct or share your stories.
It was the London Marathon btw.