Marple runners summer 5k Knockout

1st Round Ties to be completed and submitted by Sunday 8th August.

Paul Blissett Vs Anna Ashton

Gordon Rogan Vs Fiona Thomas

David Cracknell Vs Amanda Collinge

Simon Hughes Vs Mike Kelly

Martin Townsend Vs Chris Robbo

Dan Britton Vs Richard Kendall

Richard Beale Vs Peter Ogley

Lewis Smith Vs Debbie Clough

Peter Black Vs Neil Hurren

Neil staniforth Vs Alistair Jordan

Bruce Smith Vs Annette Bowden

Thomas Callaghan Vs Linda Amos

Richard Williams Vs Simon Rushton

Martin Lundy Vs Angela Daniel

Martin Lynch Vs Nick Gudegast

Caroline Rogers Vs Karen andrew

Bye Vs Emma Mooney

Chris Barber vs James Pratt

Cathryn Melia Vs John Norris

Nigel Tapp Vs Rachael Peers

Dee McCarron Vs Darren Peatfield

Chris Leach Vs Susannah Williams

Alex Munro Vs Dave French

Tracy Murray Vs Karen molloy

Joanne Stephenson Vs Maria Rushton

Karrina Stevens Vs Maria Fairclough

Andy Hodson Vs Steve woodward

Michelle Pratt Vs Ade Thomas

Graham Murray Vs Sarah Cook

Neil Commins Vs Lyndsey Broomhead

Tanya Hutchinson Vs Simon Burrow

Sarah Stutchfield Vs Shirley Langshaw

Please remember this is a handicap competition and anybody can win

5k of your choice

In the Event of a new Pb This time will be carried over to the next round.

Good luck and happy running


Marple Runners Summer 5k knockout.

We have had 68 entries so thanks to you all.

We have to get you down to 64 so there will be a preliminary roundto be completed by the 11th of July.

5k of your choice. Handicap system in place so everybody is equal.

No more than 20 metres deficit.

Neil Commins vs Alan Barker

Ali Holmes vs Neil Staniforth

Angela Daniel vs Elise Evans

Richard Williams vs Wayne Jones.

Dont forget to run your hardest and you can beat anybody in this.

Individual Knockout 5K

Are you interested in joining our new competition this summer?

If so then please send me your name by Sunday 27th June.

This is an opt-in competition.

This competition is open to all 1st claim members.

How it will work

This is a knockout competition.

All distances will be over a 5k route of your choice with no more than 20 metres deficit.

Any member may be drawn against each other i.e. Man vs Woman from any division.

This will be a Handicap competition giving every runner the opportunity to beat any runner in the club meaning anybody could win if they perform to their best 5k time submitted.

Your baseline 5k time will be taken from the Mob Matches. If you did not enter this event or are a new member wishing to join in please submit a fast 5k before the closing date.

You will have a set time for each round to complete your 5k and submit. If you set a new PB this will be used for the next round.

You may randomly be chosen to supply evidence of your run however there will be no random drug tests

This is a new to us competition so lets give it a go.

Happy Running.