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2022 - our pub 2 parkrun - graduation complete

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Pub 2 Parkrun

Our 10week pub2parkrun programme finished today with 16 participants completing their parkrun graduation at Marple parkrun today.

Dennis and Minnie made an appearance as well - doing a little minxing along the way. It was a gorgeous day for it!!

I would just like to take this opportunity on the club page to thank a few people specifically, as it takes some organising to pull all this together in both, admin and organising, as well as in time.

So to our p2p leaders and coaches …

Gina Rosenbrock Clare Smith Miranda Galloway Lea Carruthers Anna Ashton

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! -Rich Furniss, Andy H, Darren Peatfield and Elise Evans also supported us and the runners in sessions too.

We’ve also had some incredible ongoing support from many ex-pub2parkrunners and members. Debbie Clough in particular has religiously attended the majority of the 19 sessions! With Debbie Edwards, Shirley Langshaw, Jill Hallas Cath Broomfield, Stuart, Clare Blythe, Lyndsay Broomhead, Mark Epton, Michael Scott, Maria Moya and Heather Tsopanou supporting lots of our runners and sharing their experiences too. It means a lot to me and the coaches as well as the p2p’ers.

Teamwork, social running and friendship

Everything our club is about!

Jules x

What the participants of Pub2parkrun had to say..

'Thank you everyone, I really enjoyed today, I wouldn.t have plucked up the courage without you xx'

'Without the Marple Runners volunteers and the support from all the graduates I would never have got this far. Thanks everyone.'

'Well done everyone and a massive thank you to the brilliant volunteers.'

'Well done everyone and thank you to Marple Runners team X Really couldn't have got this far without your support.'

'We are runners!'