How it works:


Small Print:

Male members with an age grading over 63% will enter Div 1

Male members with an age grading over 56% will enter Div 2

Male members with an age grading Under 56% will enter Div 3

Female members with an age grading over 59% will enter Div 1

Female members with an age grading over 51% will enter Div 2

Female members with an age grading Under 51% will enter Div 3

If  2 members finish on level points the winner will be the 1 with the most number of points head to head. If it is still a tie, it will be the highest average age grade head to head.

There will be no promotion and relegation through the divisions. 

The organiser may adjust the divisional allocation based on known historic performance, early season performance or for any other reason.

Results will be based on chip time where available, otherwise gun time will be used.

For each race, each member’s result will be converted into an age graded percentage based on the member’s age on 1st January each year. All members within a division will be ranked by age grade and points will be allocated, with 1st place scoring 50 points, 2nd place getting 49 and so on.

Only first claim runners on the date of each race who have entered as a Marple Runner will be eligible to score points. Where a race does not publish club names in results we’ll comb through to find members but for parkrun members must have set Marple Runners as their club on their profile.

For race series as identified (*) in the Race Calendar the fastest time will be used.

If you enter a race as a Marple Runner, you will be automatically entered into the Marple Runners Championships. Your final position in a race affects others. 

Results will be published including interim results from each race series so points may go down as well as up. Race list may be amended

Terms and conditions apply you may get moved part way through the season if you've been economical with the truth on your previous best race times 

Send questions/queries/complaints to me via email rather than on here so it makes sure I get them.